PW Update on study of community drainage

Dear Pheasant Walk Homeowners,
The Board of Directors and Management have been in constant contact with Palm Beach County officials and Commissioners for several years regarding the flooding issues in the community.  The County ordered a study of the community drainage which was expected to be completed this past spring, however, due to COVID 19, the final report has been delayed.  No doubt you’ve seen the many County vehicles in the community looking at the drainage after Friday’s storm accessing the system. Although Friday’s unexpected rainfall was certainly outside of any normal rainfall, the constant flooding of the roads is unacceptable and a safety concern to all impacted.  We certainly understand your concern and will continue to work to ensure the flooding issue is resolved. 
The Board of Directors has requested a meeting with Commissioner Robert Weinroth and PBC Roads & Bridge to discuss their findings and how to best resolve the drainage issues in Pheasant Walk.  We will continue to stay on top of this issue and keep you informed.