Maintenance Tips

Maintenance Tips


Whitefly – Ficus

Whitefly are more resistant to poison this year. Repeated spraying may be necessary. Everyone close to the affected hedges or trees that has the same problem must spray. Our master gardener suggests replacing the ficus with another type of hedge plant. Note: Contact Palm Beach County Extension Agency at 561-233-1759 for alternate hedging plants.


Sidewalk Repair

If sidewalk has broken up and settled or there is a rise or drop of at least 3/4 of an inch–tripping hazard, they will replace sidewalk. They will not replace your driveway apron which is the concrete between the street and the sidewalk. The apron is an extension of your driveway and thus your responsibility.Palm Beach County Tues. thru Fri.–8:00 AM to 5:00 PM–561-233-3950


Rust and Mildew Removal

Rust- Rust Aide(liquid) or Oxalic Acid(powered) Mildew- Bleach(liquid) These products can be applied to sidewalks,driveways,pavers, masonary surfaces, pvc & wood fences. with either a paint roller or a 2 gallon garden sprayer. Or have a well driller drive your wellpoint to a deeper level. A reputable well driller can tell by taste if heavy rust concentration is present at the new level which is usually 10 to 20 feet deeper than your present depth.


High Water Bills

If your home originally had county water for lawn irrigation and you installed a well- your basic monthly water bill with 4000 gal. usage and a 1″ meter would be about $60 now. Instead of $30 if you had Palm Beach Utilities change your water meter to the smaller 5/8″ or 3/4″ size after well installation.Contact info on your water bill There is a charge for meter replacement.


Mold & Mildew Removal from Shingles

For a biodegradable product that will not harm asphalt or fiberglass roof shingles, but takes a couple of weeks for the process to complete after application try try Wet & Forget from a hardware or home improvement store — 2 bottles for about $37.00. Either can be applied with a 2 gallon pump sprayer. A second application is usually necessary


Mailbox Repair

​Replacement mailboxes can be ordered at 561- 213-6537. When replacing a mailbox, pour a hollow post with concrete mix before installing– thus added strength upon possible future impact. The concrete will prevent the post from shattering upon impact. Broken door springs on the mailbox can be easily remedied by installing a kitchen cabinet door magnet with either pop rivets or nuts and bolts.  Numerals should be 3″ in height, white in color and on a black background.

Recommended paint
Plasti-Dip, gloss black, spray or brush applied, available at Home Depot
Rust-Oleum— Appliance Epoxy— gloss black

Replacement of metal mailboxes – Beautiful Mailboxes – 800-856-6983 Website


Garbage Pick-Up and Recycling

Solid Waste Authority- 561-697-2700 Tues. – Garbage,Yard Waste & Bulk Items Fri. – Garbage, Recyclables & Bulk Items As per county code: Nothing put out before 3:00 PM on the eve of collection. New free recycle bins delivered to your address 1-866-NEW BINS


Lawn Irrigation

Before 10:00 am. and After 4:00 pm.
Tues – Thurs. – Sun. Even Numbered Address
Mon. – Wed. – Sat. Odd Numbered Address


Yard Care

trim plants and shrubs
remove dead debris from plants and trees, allowing winds to pass through them.
insecticide as needed
check sprinkler system, clear heads


Fence & Wall Paint for Pheasant Way & Military Trail

Sherwin Williams A-100 Exterior Latex Extra White Tinting Base 6135 Ecru- Satin Finish


Street Lights Out

FP&L- 800-226-3545- Include street address and or pole number when you call